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Life Choices Clinic of Lewiston, Idaho has served women and teens facing pregnancy decisions since 1977. Every month, we serve more than 100 women and prospective fathers who come to us for help at a difficult time in their lives. We value each unique individual who visits us looking for information, support and hope. We believe every human life is valuable, unique, and irreplaceable, and that every person is worthy of respect, acceptance, and love.

Life Choices Clinic in Lewiston, Idaho is a non-profit organization. The pregnancy tests, sonograms and assistance we provide are free of charge because of community support. Help support our organization through volunteer work or through financial support by donating online


Life Choices Clinic is located on the corner of 21st Street and 12 Ave next to the Salvation Army. We are here to help!

chat2020 12th Ave
Lewiston, ID 83501

Walk-ins welcome
as appointments are available.

Mon 10am - 4pm
Tues 10am - 4pm
Wed 10am - 4pm
Thurs 10am - 4pm

callCall 208-746-9704

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